What it Could Be

Start Date
September 22, 2022
End Date
October 23, 2022

Anthony Gallery proudly presents “What It Could Be”, a group exhibition co-curated by AJ Girard and Easy Otabor.

Girard and Otabor’s shared commitment to accessibility to art is a guiding principle throughout “What It Could Be”. The featured works are from a powerful group of international artists that are diverse as the mediums they use and themes they explore.

“What It Could Be” is both a consideration and a statement. The artist’s works evoke the viewer to consider matters of identity, familial bonds and society. Through their co-curation, Girard and Otabor examine and present a community they know has a rightful place in the art ecosystem. Through representation, observation and advocacy– this show is a testament to What It Could Be.

Sept 22nd–Oct 23rd, 2022
Anthony Gallery

List of Works

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