Anthony Gallery Showcases Contemporary Works Of Michael C. Thorpe

  • June 5, 2023
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CHICAGO, IL – Anthony Gallery is excited to announce its latest exhibition featuring the work of emerging textile artist Michael C. Thorpe. The opening is slated for May 25th, 2023 at 5 PM at 1360 W. Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607. The collection will be on display at Anthony Gallery in Gallery Room One until July 8th, 2023 alongside Nikkolos Mohammed’s exhibition “Defeat of Saviors” in Gallery Room Two.

Michael C Thorpe Flying on a Moving Mountain
Artist Michael C. Thorpe’s exhibition, “Flying on a Moving Mountain” on display at Anthony Gallery located in Chicago’s Fulton River District.

This exhibition will showcase a range of contemporary artworks rich in personal ethnography and vibrant in color. Rooted in spontaneity and experimentation, the featured pieces are a unique and ingenious representation of the artist’s distinct style and perspective.

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Michael C. Thorpe is incredibly talented. The way he incorporates colors, sharing stories with textiles and fabrics. He’s pushing the boundaries of his craft to make a statement that’s needed. Our gallery is committed to creating spaces that unify people, showcasing works that have the power to speak to everyone – and Michael’s work does just that.”

Isimeme “Easy” Otabor – Owner & Curator, Anthony Gallery

Thorpe’s collection of art is personal and based in community. The artist relies on a collective of business owners, makers, and skilled artisans to assist him in bringing these larger works to life. He leans on his community to use traditional techniques through contemporary pathways. Visitors will have an opportunity to experience artworks that embody a range of topics, including social issues, identity, and familiar iconography.

“We hope that visitors will be inspired by the works on display and gain a new appreciation for the creativity and talent of an artist with such a valuable perspective,” says Easy Otabor. “We believe that art has the power to bring people together, and we’re excited to share this new collection with our community.”

The exhibition will be open to the public from May 25th to July 8th, 2023. Visitors are encouraged to come and explore the works on display.

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About the Artist: Michael C. Thorpe

Michael C Thorpe

Michael C. Thorpe (b. 1993) was raised in Newton, Massachusetts, receiving his BA in Photojournalism and MA from Emerson College. Thorpe began his work in the field of photography, but eventually progressed into the language of quilting. Thorpe’s art is executed through his inventive use of textiles, fabrics, and quilting techniques. The artist has participated in both solo and group exhibitions across America and has work in the collections of museums such as the MFA in Boston.

About Anthony Gallery

Founded in 2019 by Isimeme “Easy” Otabor, Anthony Gallery focuses on emerging and established contemporary artists. Located in the Fulton River District of Chicago, the gallery presents solo and group exhibitions while fostering artistic collaborations and partnerships. Anthony Gallery’s mission is to create bridges for more inclusion and opportunity within the arts, and to host artists from around the world.

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