About Easy Otabor
Portrait of Easy Otabor sitting in Chair at Anthony Gallery in Chicago, IL.
Portrait of Easy Otabor. Left: Tony Lewis, Damage, 2021. Right: Chase Hall, Bottom of the Ninth, 2022. Seating: Pierre Jeanneret, Easy Armchair. Photography by Ian Vecchiotti.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Isimeme "Easy" Otabor is a multi-hyphenate creative and entrepreneur.

A self-taught art collector turned gallery owner, he takes an innovative approach to his curatorial practice in the fashion and art spaces.

Easy rose through the ranks at RSVP Gallery, a conceptual and experiential retail space founded by Virgil Abloh + Don Crawley in the late 2000s. As head operator and buyer, he was known both locally and internationally as a go-to resource for his knowledge in music, art, fashion, and retail sectors.

Easy is also the founder of Infinite Archives, an apparel brand known for its unique synthesis of cultural history and material storytelling. The brand chronicles a different era each calendar year, establishing a fresh, engaging approach to applying the past to the new zeitgeist. Today, Easy is focused on his expanding vision for the future of contemporary art spaces, acting as collector, dealer, enthusiast, and in-demand curator for brands at the intersection of art, music, and fashion.

“I’m a middle child, always in the middle—between younger generations and a lot of OGs and older people I’ve known,” Otabor said. “I have to bring all these people together who wouldn’t normally be together so all parties can be involved.”

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Situated in the West Loop of Chicago, the gallery presents solo and group exhibitions while fostering artistic collaborations and partnerships.
Hosting artists from around the world, Anthony Gallery’s mission is to create bridges for more inclusion and opportunity within both local and global arts ecosystems. By offering a dynamic and inclusive space for both established and emerging talent, Anthony Gallery plays a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape in Chicago and beyond.