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Chicago Gallerist and Tastemaker Easy Otabor Is Changing the Rules of the Art World.

Anthony Gallery has built a reputation for its dedication to artists and support of visionary artistic projects worldwide.

In addition to presenting a dynamic schedule of exhibitions, the gallery collaborates with renowned curators and invests considerable resources in new scholarship and the community. Since its earliest days, the gallery has mounted historically significant exhibitions.

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“I’m a middle child, always in the middle—between younger generations and a lot of OGs and older people I’ve known,” Otabor said. “I have to bring all these people together who wouldn’t normally be together so all parties can be involved.”

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Situated in the vibrant Fulton River District of Chicago, this gallery is dedicated to promoting the artistic community by providing a platform for solo and group exhibitions. With a strong focus on fostering creative collaboration and strategic partnerships, the gallery empowers artists to connect with one another and share their unique perspectives with a wider audience. By offering a dynamic and inclusive space for both established and emerging talent, this gallery plays a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape of the city and beyond.