Anthony Gallery Showcases Contemporary Works Of Nikkolos Mohammed

  • June 5, 2023
  • 4 Min Read

CHICAGO, IL – Anthony Gallery is pleased to announce its latest exhibition featuring the work of talented emerging artist Nikkolos Mohammed. The opening is slated for May 25th, 2023 at 5 PM at 1360 W. Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607. This unique collection of works will be on display at Anthony Gallery in Gallery Room Two until July 8th, 2023. It will accompany Michael C. Thorpe’s exhibition “Flying on a Moving Mountain” in Gallery Room One.

Nikkolos Mohammed Defeat of Saviors
Artist Nikkolos Mohammed’s exhibition, “Defeat of Saviors” on display at Anthony Gallery located in Chicago’s Fulton River District.

Mohammed’s exhibition, titled “Defeat of Saviors”, explores the powers of personal ephemera, and the ways in which found objects can speak a universal language. These works surround the security of identity through religion, specific groups, and other social alliances, to consider larger ideals around how individuals identify themselves.

Nikkolos Mohammed is a unique artist with remarkable craftsmanship. His ability to construct narratives, layering them with found objects – preserving an archive, while telling new stories – is incredibly profound. It’s an honor to present his work in this new exhibition, especially with those who may have yet to encounter his work in this capacity.

Isimeme “Easy” Otabor – Owner & Curator, Anthony Gallery

The new collection is archival, deeply considers communal and individual identities, and delves into the personal discoveries of the artist. It leverages ideas around fandemonium to dissect humanity, probing at questions and revelations around struggle and salvation. Mohammed is an artist that recognizes the symbiotic relationship between art and sports – two crafts that appear in opposition, but when closely analyzed unveil that the artist and the athlete are both fueled by survival, struggle, and perseverance. His use of found objects provide opportunities to outline stories that evoke emotions connected to previous owners, new subjects, and present day viewers alike.

“We hope that visitors will take time to sit with the works, consider the deeper connections in such a dynamic artist’s work, and reflect on their own identities. We’re excited to share this collection with our community.”

Isimeme “Easy” Otabor – Owner & Curator, Anthony Gallery

The exhibition will be open to the public from May 25th to July 8th, 2023, and admission is free. Visitors are encouraged to come and explore the works on display.

The opening is orchestrated by Isimeme “Easy” Otabor, the owner and curator of the Anthony Gallery.

Previous opening receptions have bridged gaps amongst different communities, bringing together various cultures and backgrounds, and creating a welcoming environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and understanding. The Anthony Gallery team provides an experience that is assiduously curated, while also creating connections across communities through shared conversations. Anthony Gallery has moved to Fulton Market, a vibrant and rapidly growing neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. Opening receptions will remain endeavors to connect with the community, positioning them in diverse experiences and expanded perspectives through the arts.

About the Artist: Nikkolos Mohammed

Nikkolos Mohammed

Nikkolos Mohammed is a fine artist based out of Los Angeles, California. He received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in painting from Otis College of Art and Design in 2013. In 2014, he and fellow artist Mike Reesé founded DREAMHAUS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and multifaceted art collective. DREAMHAUS is dedicated to implementing arts as an educational tool and a vehicle toward universal innovation in South Los Angeles.

About Anthony Gallery

Founded in 2019 by Isimeme “Easy” Otabor, Anthony Gallery focuses on emerging and established contemporary artists. Located in the Fulton River District of Chicago, the gallery presents solo and group exhibitions while fostering artistic collaborations and partnerships. Anthony Gallery’s mission is to create bridges for more inclusion and opportunity within the arts, and to host artists from around the world.

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