Raelis Vasquez

Artist Bio

Raelis Vasquez

Inextricably tied to the cultural tapestry of the Dominican Republic, Vasquez’s paintings are declarative moments that capture humanity through the eyes of an artist.

Their works address subjects with a tenderness and intimacy that draws the viewers warmly into the figurative narratives. Intentionally choosing quiet moments, brought alive through composition, vibrant color palette, and energetic painterly mark-making – the ultimate subject matter is the history of culture and Afro-diasporic people.

Often depicting his and other various communities, Vasquez’s works then become a practice of self-reflection, a thoughtful exploration of his own identity as an immigrant, someone from the Caribbean, and a painter.

The intellectual and emotional investment that he has with these investigations drives his work as he attempts to explore the disruptive experience of immigration and unveil the present silences of family and societal life. Ultimately, Raelis Vasquez’s paintings uncover an identity as layered and complex as the many snapshots he paints from.

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