Jewel Ham

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Jewel Ham

Jewel Ham is a multidisciplinary visual artist, curator, and educator interested in using her practice as a means of reparation. With attention to the unapologetic wit and innovation inherent to the Black interior, she approaches narrative portraiture as an act of resistance.

She is a Summa Cum Laude Fine Arts graduate from Howard University, with interest in reimagining liberation, particularly through lenses of wellness and embodiment. As a Taurus, her creative process is largely influenced by her interests in aesthetics, pleasure, and sensuality. These elements, along with personal and community histories, assist in visualizing emotional realities that often accompany various facets of everyday Black life.

Jewel has had four solo exhibitions to date, all taking place in historical spaces within the Black community. In the last year alone, her solo exhibit “i said what i said” was held at Stony Island Arts Bank, an archival library and museum reimagined by Theaster Gates; while her solo exhibition “keep it cute” was held at Cierra Britton Gallery, the first all womxn of color gallery in New York City.

Jewel’s work has formally appeared in a variety of group shows and publications worldwide. She continues to develop her practice in harmony with her community and personal alchemy.

Exhibitions: GUMBO“, “i said what i said“, and “Growing Pains
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