Growing Pains

Start Date
September 2, 2021
End Date
October 9, 2021
470 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60654, USA

‘Growing Pains’ features the multidisciplinary work of eight artists across various disciplines who explore themes of community, narratives of family, nostalgia, and connectivity across their bodies of work.

Growing Pains asks the viewer to envision the scene of an Inner-City Saturday, a Saturday morning as familiar to South Central as it would be to Chicago—waking up on a Saturday morning to the sound of cartoons, lawnmowers, or music as your family cleans up the home—the familiar moments in one’s upbringing that hold deep meaning, both through the beauty of memory and through the beauty of a shared grounded upbringing. Featuring a majority of black and brown artists from a working class milieu, Growing Pains seeks to venerate the memories we seek to eternalize. Bounded by shared experience, curator Antoine J. Girard asks viewers to embrace connectivity through paying homage to culture and memory as an uplifting way to look towards tomorrow.

Artists: Alfonso Gonzalez Jr, Devin Reynolds, Jewel Ham, Matt Burgess, Mia Lee, Randy Perez, Sydnie Jimenez, Uber Lopez Enamorado.