Mia Lee

Artist Bio

Mia Lee

Growing up as a Black woman of Caribbean descent and Southside Chicago native, the works of Mia Lee are rooted in her unique experience. Over time she’s developed a perspective on navigating life and narrating life as a Black woman – through her creative practice.

It’s her insights that have made room for her to stand out amongst the crowd. Her paintings become vivid storybook narratives that connect her family’s past to Black diasporic experiences in the present day.

Adopting a striking and intense color palette, Lee’s paintings are more graphic – almost cartoon-like. Black is a color used thematically across her work, symbolizing the richness of Afro-diasporic cultures, depicting the darkness of skin tone, and communicating blackness in ways that are visually unconcealed.

Three core figures make frequent appearances in her work: The Gentleman, The Lady, and The Demon – representing humanity through experiences and the vulnerability of human emotions; but also, vices, insecurities, and impurities.

Mia Lee is a multi-hyphenate creative with a strong sense of identity and authenticity, which is present in her life and work.

Exhibitions: Growing Pains
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