Devin Reynolds

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Devin Reynolds

Devin Reynolds is a New Orleans-based painter who received a BA in Architecture from Tulane University in 2017. Raised in Venice Beach, CA, Reynolds grew up working as a deckhand on The Betty O, a local sportfishing boat. He grew up scouting flea markets, yard sales, and the local beaches.

In his early twenties, he was introduced to art-making through graffiti — and this introduction soon grew into an obsession when he began painting his assumed alias on the sides of freight cars that travel the railroads of North America. Devin’s creative practice exists at the intersection of graffiti art and nostalgic American design and sign painting.

The artist is interested in exploring these crossroads through the lens of his biracial upbringing in Los Angeles. He’s had the honor of showcasing his work in solo and group exhibitions in New Orleans, Chicago, and other destinations across the nation.

Exhibitions: Growing Pains
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