Say Less

Start Date
October 28, 2021
End Date
December 4, 2021
470 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60654, USA

‘Say Less’ features a body of work that explores the relationships between subject matter and form—Leggett’s use of playful color palettes juxtaposed with topics such as race, injustice, history, and current events attempts to make sensitive subject matter easier to confront. Influenced by an early interest in comic books, Leggett’s work harnesses puns and satire as a method for critical thinking and societal critique, believing that humor holds the power to release tension and examine controversial topics. Say Less explores the experience of being present in the world as the artist asks us all to be more aware of one another and the lives that we lead.

David Leggett (b. 1980) is a Los Angeles-based mixed-media artist. Throughout his practice, Leggett experiments with texture and craft material to increase the dimensionality of his pieces, inviting viewers to take a closer look at the works. Leggett enlists bright, familiar images from popular culture as an anchor for deeper contemplation into serious themes. True to Leggett’s material and content, the artist urges us to see beyond the surface.