David Leggett

Artist Bio

David Leggett

David Leggett moved to Chicago following the completion of his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He is particularly known for punchy, politicized works that channel Chicago Imagists – a key influence on the Massachusetts artist’s work.

Throughout his practice, Leggett experiments with texture and craft material to increase the dimensionality of his pieces, inviting viewers to take a closer look at the works. Leggett enlists bright, familiar images from popular culture as an anchor for deeper contemplation into serious themes.

True to Leggett’s material and content, the artist urges us to see beyond the surface. David Leggett (b. 1980) is a Los Angeles-based mixed-media artist.

Exhibitions: Goosebumps”, “The View We Seek”, What It Could Be“, “Something About Us” and “Say Less
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