Start Date
October 26, 2023
End Date
November 18, 2023
1360 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL, USA

About the Exhibition:

Anthony Gallery invites you to step into a world where the empirical and. metaphysical collide – a space where the mortal and otherworldly coexist, a tightrope between your dreams and nightmares. Welcome to Goosebumps, an exhibition spotlighting fifteen artists whose works embody a spectrum spanning surreal introspection to slow-burn psychological horror.

The exhibition vibrates with an eerie energy, encapsulating the essence of the season. Whether an artwork is awe-inspiring or downright unsettling, there is a collective reverence towards something other that permeates the program. This fixation on a world beyond is a celebration of the supernatural, inviting viewers to challenge their perceptions while igniting their imaginations.

Whether its artworks employ conventionally frightening motifs or unsettling kitsch, Goosebumps probes questions regarding the universality of human perception, the condition of mortality, and the nature of transcendence. Surreal veneers, amorphous bodies, and nonsensical digital feedback create compositions just familiar enough to demand viewers’ attention while simultaneously shattering aesthetic expectations.

Each artwork encourages viewers to shine light on the obscure corners within their own minds, spotlighting boundaries that divide consciousness from subconsciousness, the real from the surreal, and lived experience from science fiction. Goosebumps is a testament to the weird, wonderful, and whimsical parts of life that keep us questioning; a haunting reminder that art has the power to transport us beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

Oct 26, 2023 – Nov 18, 2023
1360 W. Lake Street, Chicago IL, 60607

Installation Views: