This That and The Third

Start Date
September 14, 2023
End Date
October 14, 2023
1360 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL, USA

About the Exhibition:

Anthony Gallery is excited to announce its latest exhibition featuring the work by Shaun Crawford in This That and The Third. The opening is slated for September 14th at 5 PM at 1360 W. Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60607. This collection of works will be on display until October 14, 2023.

Shaun Crawford’s multidisciplinary practice bridges the realms of cartoon caricature and socio political critique. Characterized by a distinctly raw and energetic aesthetic, his versatile artistic approach employs a range of media spanning painting, printing, tufting, and tie-dyeing techniques. The resulting creations conjure impressions of the graffiti-laden subways and tagged billboards of Crawford’s beloved New York City.

A childhood steeped in graffiti culture exposed Crawford to the notion that any surface may serve as a canvas for artistic expression. He continued to refine his eye and craftsmanship during his tenure as a handbag painter at Goyard, a French retailer renowned for their leather designs. Consequently, his practice synthesizes both formal training and informal street art experiences. His latest work examines negativity and its effects on the creative process, spotlighting the ultimate goal of achieving artistic enlightenment.

This That and The Third is a collection of works, in varying techniques and mediums, displaying the development in Shaun’s storyline of his original characters (Skip, Lil’ Lenox, The MAGA Man, Swine, and Spider Rico. Each piece is a page in an ongoing story of mischief and rebellion conveyed by way of paint, silk, and wool.
Shaun Crawford is a graffiti artist born and raised in New York, working as a fine artist, illustrator, and designer doing whatever he wants when he wants.

Sep 14, 2023 – Oct 1, 2023
1360 W. Lake Street, Chicago IL, 60607

Installation Views: