The View We Seek

Start Date
August 18, 2023
End Date
September 17, 2023
243 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013, USA

About the Exhibition:

Anthony Gallery and Sow & Tailor are pleased to announce The View We Seek, a group show featuring 18 artists, on view from August 18th until September 17th. The View We Seek will open at High Bay Gallery in New York’s Soho neighborhood on August 18th from 12 – 6pm.

This exhibition is an exploration of the nuances of human existence, functioning as a space for the experiencing of shared truths. It is a carnival of Americana, where pop culture symbology, utopian aspirations, existential alienation, and domestic strife bleed together, disrupting notions and categories of fine art. The show functions as altogether a platform for truth, a celebration of authenticity, a testament to desire, and an evocation of memory.

Co-curated by Isimeme “Easy” Otabor and Karen Galloway, the exhibition crafts an entity that is genuine and unapologetic, existing as a grouping of sentiments that plainly state their cause. Each artist is grounded in the particular judgment of their subject. Rooted in a genuine quest for life itself, the show contains both individual convictions and shared sentiments. The show is a vessel for poignant sensations, giving way to inclusivity, allowing everyone to feel. Comprehension of an array of sentiments gives way to fostering an appreciation for all of life itself.

The featured artists represent a diversity in age, ethnicity, geography and career positioning—including both rising stars and superstars— that mesh together in a curatorial experience that is visceral as much as it is accessible. The View We Seek is an experience simultaneously grounded in material reality and ephemerally untethered, creating a physical space to imagine what might happen when the outsiders are welcomed in.

Aug 18, 2023 – Sep 17, 2023
243 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013, USA

Installation Views: