Uber Lopez Enamorado

Artist Bio

Uber Lopez Enamorado

Illustrator and designer from South Central, Los Angeles, Uber Lopez often depict scenes from his everyday life through his work. Exploring the layers of childhood traumas, police brutality, gang violence, graffiti, and survivors’ guilt with the impasto of his oil paints.

Lopez is a rebel in the art world, breaking the rules and declaring whose stories get told and who is telling them. Applying an old-world mastery of oil painting to contemporary narratives, Uber Lopez explores the intimacy of the people, city, and the shared spaces around him – thus elevating those who have commonly been left behind in the art world.

The artist’s hometown is an influence in a lot of his work and has shaped him to be an artist who is bold and observational. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Minor in Illustration (2021).

Exhibitions: Growing Pains
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