Tyrrell Winston

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Tyrrell Winston

California-born artist Tyrrell Winston’s artwork is formulated by years of collecting, organizing, reconfiguring, and safeguarding found materials or discarded objects. Obsessively collecting items from the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the artist grew a fascination for the energetic permeance left behind within the objects.

He frequently assembles old basketballs, arranging them into grids, allowing them to become displays where material, culture, and history can be studied. This self-taught artist started collecting paper scraps, which soon evolved into debris that could serve as matter for his mixed media works.

Exploring embedded histories, the histories that lie within the objects, Winston’s artwork sets the stage to dissect the narratives that lie within other peoples’ “stuff”. His work draws on the themes of hope, hopelessness, resurrection, restoration, vitality, and recklessness.

Exhibitions: 1988
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