Matthew Burgess

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Matthew Burgess

Matthew Burgess’ (b. 1992) interdisciplinary, multi-media approach to art-making is a symptom of his roots in streetwear fashion. Initially recognized for his skillful use of chain stitch embroidery, his foray into painting began as a material exploration. His hybrid artworks are now celebrated for their experimental textural components and carefully sampled subject matter.

Inspired by golden age animation cels, Burgess’ thread-embellished characters dance across painted backgrounds, scaffolding narratives that are debaucherous, shocking, and impossibly enchanting. Strategically nostalgic motifs muse on the duplicitous nature of American pop culture, probing questions regarding suspension of disbelief, chaos, and the comfort of nostalgia.

Exhibitions: Somethin’s Cookin‘” and “Growing Pains
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