I Said What I Said

Start Date
March 10, 2022
End Date
April 10, 2022

“i said what i said” includes portraits that explore the complexity of Black experiences within everyday environments. The show’s title summarizes the audacious attitudes Ham depicts in her works and encourages audiences to adopt. In various shades of red, she alludes to the beauty and innovation that manifest from the hardships. Ham invites viewers on an emotional journey that contextualizes the need for unapologetic expression.

Artist Profile

Jewel Ham (b. 1998) is a Black multidisciplinary visual artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her work explores the intangible realities of the African American experience by presenting chaotic imagery against commonplace backdrops that imagine how it looks to reclaim our time, space and history. During her matriculation at Howard University, Ham learned the importance of creative reflection and became increasingly inspired to make a statement with each of her pieces. Throughout her practice, Ham utilizes her art as a means of resistance by creating authentic and accessible visual representation.