Jacob Rochester

Artist Bio

Jacob Rochester

Jacob Rochester grew up in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and learned how to draw by closely copying what he was interested in. Starting out with video games and comic books, the young artist learned to draw anatomy by observing figures depicted through his observations.

Following being introduced to graffiti, he developed an interest in typography and graphic design. These influences are the foundation of the practice Rochester has established for himself today as a painter. With an ingenious and clever point of view, Jacob Rochester’s work offers unique takes on contemporary pop culture.\

The artist has had an incredibly impressive roster of clients from Nike to Bodega, and Beats by Dre, to name a few. Rochester finds comfort in repetition, referencing similar subjects every now and then – depicting objects that “live within the same worlds aesthetically” – consciously disengaging with boredom, and constantly stepping outside of his comfort zone.

Exhibitions: Unite Through Culture
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