Start Date
February 2, 2024
End Date
March 9, 2024
1360 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL, USA

About the Exhibition:

Gabriel Moses (b. 1998, South London) consistently directs his lens at the relatives, communities, and fashions he calls home. Marked by their Baroque essence and brooding colorways, his photographs foreground subjects in dramatic chiaroscuro and richly textured geometric settings. Moses’ prioritization of the figure imparts a reverence that is rarely lost on the viewer— each composition is imbued with a sense of humanity and collective memory, elevating its subject to a timeless ideal that blends aesthetic legacies old and new.

At the heart of Moses’ artistic ethos lies a sincere gratitude toward those who have nurtured his creative practice throughout his career. This sentiment consistently motivates him to pay homage to the matriarchs in his life, be it his mothers, aunts, sisters, or friends. His latest series, Marsha, frames subjects in Moses’ distinct aesthetic, crafting scenes that reference and revere femininity in all of its forms. The resulting series illuminates the inherent strength within womanhood, celebrating its capacity to transform, nurture, and generate life.

Moses’ compositions harp on classical ideals of beauty while reframing subjects in a decidedly multicultural, intergenerational context. Photos become portals where personal histories and utopian fantasy converge, uplifting the feminine form as an enduring vessel for humanity and blurring the lines between past, present, and future.

Marsha welcomes Moses back for his second exhibition at Anthony Gallery, preceded by his participation in August’s group show, GUMBO. The exhibition is on view at Anthony Gallery at 1360 W. Lake Street in West Loop from February 2nd to March 9th, 2024.

Feb 2, 2024 – Mar 9, 2024
1360 W. Lake Street, Chicago IL, 60607

Installation Views: