Wu Yué

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Wu Yué

Wu Yué (伍月) is a visual artist from Beijing, China, and based in Paris, France. He grew up with his grandparents at the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, where his grandfather who is a painter nurtured his passion for drawing. Creating collagist-style pieces depicting celestial sights, skeletons, and sports legends, are the subjects of a few of his compositions.

He studied graphic design and graduated in animation in Paris at ENSAD (École National Supérieur des arts Décoratifs) and began his art practice in 2013. He explores figuration through new mediums such as etching on photos, metal, and ceramics, as well as experimenting with bleach on canvas. Yué is also an acclaimed Art Director, Film and Animation Director, Illustrator, and Designer.

Exhibitions: I’m Not Back I’m Better
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