Sharif Farrag

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Sharif Farrag

Sharif Farrag (b. 1993, Reseda, CA) seamlessly blends classic ceramic techniques with improvisational building methods, crafting an artistic language that is reflective of his personal identity. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and his Syrian-Egyptian heritage, Farrag’s ceramics weave a vibrant tapestry of influences that reflect his San Fernando Valley upbringing.

Farrag’s glazed earthenware, despite its material chaos, is intricately woven with his personal experiences within West Coast subcultures. Bold iconography and vibrant glazes infuse vitality into his meticulously crafted, cartoonishly monstrous characters. Drawing further inspiration from skater and graffiti culture, Farrag’s work reflects references to art history while incorporating personal motifs such as alter egos.

Exhibitions: Come As You Are” and “Come One, Come All
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