Ludovic Nkoth

Portrait of Artist Ludovic Nkoth
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Ludovic Nkoth

Ludovic Nkoth’s (b. 1994, Cameroon) figurative paintings capture the essence of the Black diasporic experience with unparalleled emotional depth. Vibrant color and thick impasto transform simple scenes and subjects into complex moments of being that transcend time and space. Paintings become shared experiences that are celebrated for their beauty, struggle, and vulnerability.

Nkoth thrives in a nexus of cultures, geographies, and interpersonal connections. After all, his unique artistic perspective stems from his own experience as an immigrant. At 13 years old, the artist moved from Cameroon to South Carolina with his father. Nkoth’s practice is a seamless fusion of art and introspection, with each piece serving as a reflection of his ruminations on family history, tradition, and the ongoing legacy of colonialism that continues to impact Black lives today. He currently lives and works in New York City.

Exhibitions: Come One, Come All
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