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Gunner Stahl

Born and raised in Atlanta, Gunner Stahl began taking candid photos of his friends, who happened to be then-unknown or up-and-coming rappers. Now that Stahl and his friends have become more successful, these moments, partially inspired by his rise to an elevated hip-hop star lifestyle, are memorialized in a new book, called Portraits. Published in 2019, the book includes pictures of well known musicians like A$AP Rocky, Drake, Billie Eilish and 21 Savage. He has been praised for his vision and influence on this photography scene.

Stahl’s photos make emotional connections with viewers, capturing his subjects’ vulnerability and strength through eye contact and honest smiles, and their individual sense of rhythm through free-flowing movement. They provide a unique inside view into a lifestyle that few will ever know firsthand, but no one feels left out — a point sure to please fans of Stahl and his famous subjects alike.

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