Barrington Darius

Artist Bio

Barrington Darius

Barrington Darius is a multi-hyphenate artist from Watts, CA whose work continues to stretch the canvas by which all walks of Black life sits. Much like his philosophies, Darius approaches each of his mediums at ground level, constantly workshopping ways to translate the past and future in a visual way. Barrington’s intimacy with mixed media allows him to narrate this necessary discourse between community and culture with art as the conduit. Over the years, this practice has morphed into a world that invites critical thinkers and spectators to discover their sure.

Whether through photography, film, sound, soft sculpture, muse etc. Darius’s place in ideation and execution aim to create a sense of connective tissue to home. With a spiritual discernment, he thinks beyond the present as if he’s got a landline with the future. Ultimately, Barrington Darius uses his practice as a mechanic by which to caretake the Black image and safeguard its secrets.

Exhibitions: GUMBO
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