Robert Nava

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Robert Nava

Robert Nava’s (b. 1985, East Chicago, IN) world of metamorphic creatures draws inspiration from sources as disparate as prehistoric cave paintings, Egyptian art, and cartoons. Rendered through a raw, energetic mixing of spray paint, acrylics, and grease pencil, his pared-down figurations exude a playful candidness that defies the pretensions of high art, and invites viewers to reconnect with the unbridled imagination of their childhoods.

Drawing constitutes the bedrock of his practice. Nava’s hybrid monsters, which range from the dragon-like to the angelic, are thought-out composites that the artist continuously reworks in his sketchbooks. The resulting large scale paintings reacquaint viewers with an almost childlike capacity for fantasy and creativity while offering a meditation on both the loss of innocence and its recuperation.

Exhibitions: Come As You Are
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