Koichi Sato

Artist Bio

Koichi Sato

Koichi Sato was born in 1974 in Tokyo Japan. This artist creates cartoon-like figurative paintings to explore the multiplicity of American cultural identities.

Referencing anything from American history to sports, the artist utilizes these linkages to convey the idea that the American experience is not singular. Entirely self-taught, Koichi Sato started drawing in his 30’s.

The artist got his start creating light hearted portraits of found images from magazine publications. Inhabiting and occupying his canvases with people of various ages, ethnicities, occupations, and backgrounds, he always depicts his subjects with grins – which allows for his work to become a familiar moment capturing a dear friend.

There is a warmth that invites viewers to appreciate his work, as if they have already had a previous relationship with the subject depicted in his paintings. Currently, the artist lives and works in New York City’s Chinatown area, where he continues to evolve his creative practice.

Exhibitions: 1988
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