Chase Hall

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Chase Hall

Chase Hall’s (b. 1993, St, Paul, MN) paintings and sculptures explore generational celebrations and traumas encoded throughout American history. Responding to a variety of social and visual systems, each of which intersect with complex trajectories of race, hybridity, economics, and personal agency, Hall generates images whose materiality is crucial in their approach to narrative representation. Drip-brew techniques derived from coffee beans and acrylic pigments on cotton supports carry powerful symbolic weight, evoking centuries-old geopolitical systems and the nuances of his own biracial identity.

Making sculptures with objects that are tangible embodiments of past histories, Hall aims to confront social and racial realities by creating unsettling moments through which we recalibrate our understanding of how dynamics of race are foundational to America. He currently lives and works in New York City.

Exhibitions: Come As You Are
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